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We facilitate meaningful and intimate gatherings

The House facilitates meaningful and intimate gatherings where strangers and friends connect as neighbors. Hosts invite guests to experience and participate in interesting conversations, inspiring ideas, beautiful music and art, and practical knowledge. Each individual contributes in word, in thought, in presence. Show up and watch the ordinary become extraordinary as relationships are built and perspectives are expanded one gathering at a time.


September 2 | 2017
Lake Fest
The House Headquarters
Join other music and summer lovers for live music on the water with vintage soul and R&B band Joshy Soul & The Cool.
September 30 | 2017
Podcasting Workshop
University of Utah
Learn how to start a podcast with Peabody-award winning radio producer and This American Life contributor, Scott Carrier.
November 11 | 2017
Make Bread | Create Tradition
Salt Lake City
Bring three generations from your family and/or your chosen family to learn how to cook with a local award-winning chef.
December 4 | 2017
One Book, One Night: Stealing Fire
Holladay Residence
Get together with two dozen other people to read Stealing Fire together in one single night. Divide, read, share, and learn.
January 20 | 2018
Mindful Connection Workshop
Salt Lake City
Learn about the science of mindful connection and practice with leading educators, Becca Peters of Metta Mindfulness & Meditation Center and John Kesler, founder of Integral Polarity Practice.
February 17 | 2018
36 Questions for Connection
Sit with a stranger and ask each other 36 questions about each other.

How it Works

  1. Sign up and fill out a profile with The House.
  2. Dream up an event for your community.
  3. Decide on a location.
  4. Fill out The House event form on the app or website.
  5. When your application is approved, you’ll receive more event details via email.
  6. Come to more events, and maybe even start hosting your own.
  1. Sign up and fill out a profile with The House.
  2. Search for an event in your area.
  3. Request tickets on The House app or website for each event you’d like to attend.
  4. If there is a ticket fee, you’ll fill out your credit card info and you’ll only be charged when the Host accepts your request.
  5. You’ll receive an email confirmation with details about specific details about the event.
  6. Show up. Enjoy meeting other interesting people. Connect. Be real. Share all the good things.

Core Values

Build relationships and expand your perspective.

Learn from others and grow together.

Host and attend meaningful gatherings.

Step out your door and try something different.

Be yourself, be kind, and have fun.

Promote good people with good ideas and talent.

Be part of the movement and show up.

Be a grateful fan and friend.

Gatherings should elevate every person in the room.